I originally started my career as a structural design draftsman, progressed to being a project manager and then to a business development manager.

I have been involved in the construction and petroleum industry in various roles for all my working life.

I operate in a tech savvy environment using VOIP, email, remote desktop connections and mobile phone. I am proficient with the Office suite, AutoCAD, Photoshop and many other utilities

Business Development Manager

Promote your company as the experts in your field
Create email campaigns to promote your company's products and services
Prepare both minor and major business submissions
Be the initial contact for all external enquiries
Consolidate existing business relationships
Travel locally and interstate to build your new business relationships


  • WhatBusiness Development Manager
  • Cost$75.00 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration1 hour
  • Make Booking

Rodney’s Credentials

16 years as Business Development Manager
9 years as a Project Manager
20 years as a structural design draftsman (10 years using AutoCAD)
Various house renovation projects

More about Rodney

Growing up on a dairy farm allowed me to pull things apart to see how they worked, and just sometimes they still worked when put back together. Physics and maths were my favourite subjects and Julius Sumner Miller was my hero. "Why is it so" is still a useful statement.

After the obligatory overseas trip on leaving school, I relocated to Melbourne and started my training as a structural design draftsman, with a large US engineering firm. On completion I held down various jobs whilst progressing into the world of computer aided drafting. Exciting times and running my own design busines

This led to more complex construction projects and finally into the petroleum industry as a project engineer. 6 years at Shell and then Westfield cemented my skills within the construction industry

The first seven years of this century saw me changing direction slightly, now putting my skills and knowledge into my new role as New Business Development Manager to build an environmentally friendly business which tested underground petroleum tanks for leaks. The role involved cultivation of relationships within peak environmental and petroleum bodies, including EPA, PICA and APADA, regular trips locally and interstate to build new business relationships, consolidate existing business and to build valuable strategic alliances.

On moving to Brisbane in 2007, I returned to project management with a local design company and then a construction contractor installing a new fuel hydrant system at RAAF Amberley.

The last nine years saw me again in the world of Business Development, working for a Sydney based mechanical contractor, but based in Brisbane. My task was to promote the contractor as the experts for fuel and lubricant storage systems at Mine Infrastructure Areas, Airports, Rail Support Facilities, Pumping Stations and Marinas. We also launched a non toxic polyurethane foam for the legal abandonment of underground fuel and chemical tanks as well as travel locally and interstate to build new business relationships and consolidate existing business

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