Product and Service Policy

Wiserr Pty Ltd is a platform to foster connections with the Wiserr (over 40s) community for professional, caring, social, cultural and commercial (business) collaborations, relationships and interactions. Our strategy, direction and action, within the context of Wiserr external and internal business factors, is what we value, without compromise, providing the highest levels of Quality of Service experience for our Wiserr Service Providers (Wiserrs) and Service Seekers. Our key value is to strive to achieve Quality of Service member/customer focus and satisfaction, business excellence, professionalism, care and commitment.

To achieve this end, aligning with our Wiserr strategy, we engage qualified, competent, experienced, and enthusiastic ‘Wiserrs’ excelling in their specific fields of expertise, knowledge and capabilities. We also realise the importance of implemented plans and processes, underpinning our policies, to show consistency, reduced variability, and standardisation in work methods to attain the maximum levels of member and customer satisfaction. Generally, our work categories include:

  • One-to-one, one-to-many advisory, skills coaching/training/teaching service
  • General domestic maintenance and
  • Food preparation and delivery business initiatives

To strive toward quality of service excellence in all areas, we are committed to:

  • Establishing and implementing our own and assisting our Wiserrs with appropriate work process systems, plans, and measurable quality of service level objectives and targets to support our journey towards business excellence.
  • Encouraging improvement and technology innovation ideas to better improve efficiency and effectiveness of service and product outcomes to increase member and customer value.
  • Publishing and communicating quality of service level performance as rated by our Wiserrs and service seekers.