Anti-Discrimination Policy

At Wiserr we do not discriminate.

Wiserr was fabricated on the very idea of age discrimination and our commitment is inclusion and respect. We are building a community where everyone feels welcome and respected no matter what their age or gender, where they have come from, how they worship or whom they love.

We should all keep in mind that no one likes to be turned down or rejected, to feel unwelcome or excluded.

If a particular service or workshop contains language contrary to this anti-discrimination policy, the Service Provider will be asked to remove the language and affirm his or her understanding and intent to comply with this policy and its underlying principles. Wiserr may also, in its discretion, take steps up to and including suspending the Service Provider from the Wiserr platform.

If the Service Provider improperly rejects Service Seekers on the basis of protected class, or uses language demonstrating that his or her actions were motivated by factors prohibited by this policy, Wiserr will take steps to enforce this policy, up to and including suspending the Service provider from the platform.

As the Wiserr community grows, we will continue to ensure that Wiserr’s policies and practises align with our most important goal: To ensure that Wiserr Service Providers and Service Seekers feel welcome and respected in all of their interactions using the Wiserr platform. The public, our community, and we ourselves, expect no less than this.