As a teacher and writer, I love helping people get their words on paper - not all of us can write - and then, if they want, get those words published. It is an amazing experience to see your words in print and, then, to be able to share them with others.

Editing & Transcribing

You've done your writing and want it looking perfect - I can either retype your hand-written words or edit your typed writing.

I will edit or transcribe your books, articles and speeches. I am also an accomplished singer songwriter and can help you pen your sentiments to music or craft your lyrics.

Before quoting, I need to look at what we're starting with and then give you a fixed quote for the task.

Perhaps you run a meet up, club or hub? I am very happy to come and talk to your group about running a writing/editing class or helping you become published authors.


  • WhatEditing & Transcribing
  • Cost$110.00 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration1 hour
  • PlacesLimited to 1
  • Make Booking

12 Week Writing Workshop

Writers - potential, hopeful and experienced - will be taken through a different writing exercise each week. Some you may find difficult and some will be effortless.

Through this you will learn:

  • Techniques for easily getting thoughts into words
  • What is your favoured genre
  • To find the confidence to read your writing in a safe, supportive team
  • How to publish your writing as a book, and
  • You can take the opportunity to have your book published at a fraction of the normal cost


  • What12 Week Writing Workshop
  • Cost$79.00 per workshop
  • WhenTuesdays
  • Time10:00am — 11:00pm
  • Duration2 hours
  • PlacesLimited to 12
  • Make Booking

Writing Coach

A teacher of over 20 years and an author with 17 published books, I can help you with writing any genre - non-fiction, fiction, poetry, business writing, blog writing, songs. Whether it is a one-off need or a continuing mentorship, I am very happy to help, this is my realm and my passion!

Depending on your needs, I can help you succinctly craft your business profile, biography, blurb etc. We will work together to draw out the essence of what you're saying, from here I can help you by writing, editing and publishing your work.

I can meet with you in whatever capacity you need to get the best results for you - one-off or continuing, email, skype or face-to-face.


  • WhatWriting Coach
  • Cost$110.00 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration1 hour
  • PlacesLimited to 1
  • Make Booking

More about Philip

A writer of 17 books (to date),

I love helping others find expression in the written word and so run writing workshops and groups to create a safe, supportive space to help people realise they can write ... and can happily share those writings.

I am a recovering accountant, banker, corporate trainer, lecturer who turned to writing. I somehow found myself involved in (or informed about) international intrigues, dishonesty and fraud, involving banks, governments and police forces. I thought it was time to turn them into stories so everyone can experience the “other side” of life.

Having run personal development courses in several countries (and being a student of A Course in Miracles) I cannot help but bring in the spiritual element to these stories, giving characters (and readers) ways of dealing with stressful situations.

Life is far too interesting to be fluffing about on the sidelines and I (and my characters) are determined to live it to the fullest, even if it means a little danger, stress and uncertainty at times!

I have been a columnist, editor and publisher of magazines in NZ, Australia, South Africa and Czech Republic. I was commissioning editor for Business Books (an imprint of O-Books) and am a freelance writer and editor for clients around the world.

Summary list of writing/publishing experiences

  • Publisher of books
  • Commissioning Editor for Business Books
  • Publisher of national magazine
  • Website Editor/Writer
  • Columnist for magazines in four countries
  • Writer of 14 published books
  • Editor for national magazine
  • Reporter for weekly newspaper
  • Professional freelance writer, proof-reader and editor for clients in Australia, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Arabia, Britain, Canada and America

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