I’m good at decluttering. It must be something in my genes. It seemed very natural to me but one day I realised that people kept saying things like “ask Norid, she’s good at arranging furniture” or “she’s good at colours” or “could you come and help me sort out this cupboard?” (and whenever I go into a shop, restaurant, house or office I mentally re-arrange and declutter it). And so a business was born – about 20 years ago.

Declutter & Organise

What do I do?

I work with my client to declutter and organise a space – from a linen closet to an entire house. Together we work out what to keep, what to store, what to release. The emphasis is on ‘together'. YOU make the decision about what goes and what stays – I’m there to facilitate the process.

My guarantees

I will not leave your house in a mess. I will not quit the job until the job is done.
If you are not happy with the job you don’t have to pay me.

The cost

The price can be negotiated depending on type and size of job. I enjoy helping people sort out their clutter and feel on top of life again, please contact me to discuss a reasonable rate.
We will need a minimum of 4 hours to get the desired results.

And when it’s all over?

I can also help you sort & catalogue the things you want to keep and can make suggestions about what to do with the excess - how to make money from it, and how to get it removed.

Initially, let’s talk so send me a message and a phone number.


  • WhatDeclutter & Organise
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration4 hours
  • Please Enquire

More about Norid

How do I do it?

Over the years I have worked out a pretty efficient process of decision making – decisions about what to keep and what not to keep. We will work out what to sort, what to store, how to store it and what to do with the excess.

I will guide your decisions and also teach you how to keep your space under control in the future. When we’ve finished,

you will have the tools to stay on top of things, and as long as you keep doing those things that I teach you, you will never get in a mess again.

This process is not just about physically decluttering, it is also about addressing the challenges that got you into that clutter in the first place – a bit of declutter coaching.

My methodology is based on my experience with people who have invited me into their homes and trusted me with their intimate possessions and memories. We have laughed together, lunched together and discussed deep and meaningful issues over cups of tea.

I can honestly say I have never had a bad result.

Sometimes I despaired that I would ever get to the end of a job, sometimes I wanted to throttle someone, sometimes the client and I seemed to be locked into a clash of wills (one client told me after the job was finished that at one point she wanted to take me outside and shoot me!) but

we always reached a triumphant conclusion.

I also know that you are an individual, and not everything I tell you to do will “sit” with you in your unique situation. However, if you try it my way first, you’ll get the hang of how I think and what I’m aiming for and then you can adapt it to suit you.

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