Hiring a Mentor Coach MAKES SENSE. Especially if You Want to TRANSFORM your life ... CHANGE your Career… START a Business … SAVE your Business … GROW the Business.

Let’s talk about Me becoming your Mentor

As your Success Mentor, my primary aim is to build quite a dynamic working relationship with you.

My style is a mix of empathy, understanding, introspective probing, interpersonal teaching and strategic advice to advance your position in life and work. I am more than an advice giver or information sharer. I am a master coach, life skills counselor, advisor, trainer, therapist, designer, product developer, methods engineer, inventor, author, manufacturer, marketer, builder, entrepreneur… all rolled into one… and I can readily transition from one role to another… to support you on what’s to be achieved.

I’ve been a Master Mentor for over 60 Years, now. Over that time, I’ve found the most effective way to transform one’s life, involves 4 Upgrades … 1) new people, 2) new information, 3) new paradigms, and 4) a new approach to self-actualization. I can help you do all the 4 upgrades by applying 7 Distinct STEPS … to stop you hurting… to stop you staring at the abyss of continuing failure… and to help you turn your life around… so you can keep on continually achieving what you want in life.


  • WhatLet’s talk about Me becoming your Mentor
  • Cost$93.50 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration2 hours
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Creative & Strategic Thinking

Based on my rescuing troubled businesses since 1969, no matter if you are… a corporate exec… a business nu-starter… a career seeker or a veteran owner/manager …unless you’re an expert in a unique specialty… sell to a herd of hungry buyers… use the Art of Creativity, the Art of Divergent Possibility Thinking …to delve deeper, wider, smarter, fresher… to turn what you love to be and do… into a passion that excites your spirit and energy… to then distill all that into a Strategic Plan…“You’ll always be doing it tough! Could even go bankrupt!

Here’s the good news! I mentor managers and executives on the Art of Leadership Thinking. I hold workshops to teach people how to think as deep, wide and high as it takes …via the Arts of Divergent Possibility Thinking … the Arts of Creativity, Inventing and Innovation and the Arts in Strategic Planning…to then identify and schedule resources, timeframes, policies, benchmark KPIs, competitive tactics etc.… plus do cost/benefit analysis studies… in step with the goals and economic climate…to give a venture, its best chance to succeed.


  • WhatCreative & Strategic Thinking
  • Cost$93.50 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration2 hours
  • PlacesLimited to 16
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Mastermind Team Facilitation

The fact that you’ve taken the time to read this website tells me two things … that you are serious about owning and growing your business… and you’re keen to learn about true entrepreneurship.

I champion two things. The gigantic “growing a money tree” potential that’s in a family business and to refute the pervasive, mistaken belief that stress burnout is a price owners pay to succeed.

Looking back over my 60-year business career and all my successes as an acclaimed entrepreneur, there were many, sometimes painful lessons I learnt… via the “Business School of hard knocks.” Mastering them helped me to become free of the stress… and enjoy a lasting financial freedom.

So I am here to help you do both! …

There are 3 learning challenges you face as an entrepreneur… (1) how to make money… (2) how to spend money, responsibly… (3) how to apply the money a business makes to increase your worth.

If you want a plan for you to do all three… and build real wealth and actual financial independence for when you retire… the smartest way is to learn to “grow your own metamorphic money tree.”

In my opinion, the best Return On Investment you could ever have…is to become an entrepreneur …with your own company. In today’s hi-tech world, opportunities abound. How else can you boot- strap a smart idea, run it from your garage, and turn it into a profitable international conglomerate?

I found, to get the rivers of cash flowing and a sky-high level of R.O.I … work on these 4 strategies.
1. Ways to establish yourself as an authority by marketing yourself as the guru in your field.
2. Ways to infuse creative thinking and innovative practices throughout all your endeavours
3. Ways to create value adding products, services and a business that people want and will buy
4. Ways to find a herd of hungry buyers looking for a solution … and have money to buy yours
But here’s the rub.

You can do these 4 strategies as an intellectual exercise. But the real “Success Miracle” that makes the seeming impossible, possible…comes via aligning with others, all using Master Mind Principles.
Then, depending on your input, you could accomplish more in one year than you’d do in a lifetime.

Having the Master Mind Powers flowing through you and your partners … into your strategies… can be the difference between failure and your business becoming a rip-roaring economic success.

So, what is this Master Mind Process? How does it turn an ordinary life... into extraordinary?

First, let me tell you what it’s not. It’s not just wishful thinking, or think-tanking or brainstorming ideas to improve systems and practices. That is more an exercise for improving your competency.
I found, the Mastermind Principle functions on 2 characteristics. First is Economics, which needs … (a) A Plan to make money (b) Cleaning up your habitual negations…(c) Raising consciousness. The other is Psychic. When 2 minds link as one, it triggers a third, creatively unfettered, psychic, mind.

This is the Mastermind. The “psychic sixth sense of genius,” famous inventors and entrepreneurs, Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Richard Branstrom, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk… have tapped into.

To Master-Mind, as defined by Napoleon Hill in his best selling classic book “Think and Grow Rich” is “When two or more people coordinate their knowledge and effort in positive harmony to achieve an economic goal, it triggers a psychic energy that connects with the invisible, intangible synergies of Universal Creation, which forms the ideas, people, things, and opportunities… to attain a goal.”

I’ve spent 60 years studying, applying and connecting with Infinite intelligence, the Master Mind of the Universe. I’ve used the Mastermind Principles in inventing hi-value things that made me rich.

As your mentor, I'll stand with you. I’ll talk and walk you through… the learning the Principles… the connecting with the Master Mind sessions … and how to grow your “Money Tree to make money


  • WhatMastermind Team Facilitation
  • Cost$154.00 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration2 hours
  • PlacesLimited to 2
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The "Seasonal Persona" Workshop

This workshop is particularly popular with professional women, as it develops visual profiling skills as in “how to read” the subliminal clues and cues in messages being projected in their community. You’ll learn to master how people think, feel, look, see, talk and act… how to groom your Seasonal Persona characteristics… how link to the one of four Seasonal Personas of others... to connect the dots in life and business. When you do it right… sit up and enjoy a massive transformation.

The big benefits from learning my “Theory of Seasonal Synergy” are ... to take the heat and pain out of toxic relationships ... to help you close more sales because you'll be communicating in lock step with the customer's persona… to be happier at work because you can better “connect” with people … to dress to express yourself in a way that increases believability, ... which attracts others to you.


  • WhatThe "Seasonal Persona" Workshop
  • Cost$93.50 per hour
  • WhenWeekdays
  • Time10:00am — 1:00pm
  • Duration3 hours
  • PlacesLimited to 16
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Noel’s Credentials

I am known as the ‘Business Whisperer’ because of my ability to apply my entrepreneurial insights, my method study engineering prowess, my skills, experience and currency into an art form that has come from working for 59 years at the ‘sharp top end’ of business management.

I love what I do. I help people avoid failures and rejig proficiency issues occurring in businesses ventures and projects. Even though my credentials and experiences are deeply steeped in engineering, manufacture and construction, my mentoring expertise shines through how I use my intuitive insights (in a pretty unique way) to combine the wisdom in old methods with new technology… to help turn your ideas into a moneymaking enterprise... to help you transition from being ‘plain vanilla’ ordinary into becoming the ‘top gun’.... so that, depending on your input, you'll become rich and famous.

Here’s the reality I live by:

In life, sooner or later… you become what you think, feel and believe yourself to be.

In other words, if you believe you can’t do something… then you will be more incapable of doing it. On the UP side, with mentoring, you will gain the beliefs, knowhow and ability to upgrade yourself... even if for now… you haven’t a clue of how it will happen.

More about Noel

"Engaging Noel to be my Mentor helped me enormously. He has such a wealth of business wisdom and know-how to share. I now have the peace of mind that my new business will succeed." – Natalie Lynch

"On what we are now achieving in our life and our business we have been doubly blessed:
1) To have met you. 2) For the opportunity to work with you." – H & R Johnson

The mentoring Noel Spann gave me … made a massive impact on my Law Practice. I halved the resources we were using and doubled its income. By this, I was able to self-fund my wealth building strategies." – J Gregg

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