Hi I am Melissa from Wealthier You and I present workshops for busy women who want to be financially strong and confident. I also facilitate fun, interactive age appropriate money workshops for children so they are empowered regarding money, saving, sharing and being thoughtful consumers...If you desire financial resilience or if you are a parent seeking to ensure you child has a workable understanding of money, please enrol in one of our many and varied workshops. What are you waiting for?

Melissa’s Credentials

Melissa is a Qualified Licensed Financial Planner with 25 years combined experience in banking and finance, including funds management in Sydney. She is currently pursuing Master in Financial Planning and presently works in a boutique Financial Planning and Accountancy business in brisbane. Having worked with new entrants to the workforce, wealth accumulators, pre-retirees and retirees she is well versed in many strategies.

More about Melissa

Growing up in my household, there was little family time to discuss any form of Financial Stewardship. Life was beautiful but crazy busy.

By Financial Stewardship I refer to simplified instruction around budgeting, cash flow, saving, protection of assets, goal setting and planning for the future.

Financial Stewardship was also absent in the school curriculum and in any career on-boarding.

As a young adult I had a knowledge gap around the basics of tax, budgeting, cash flow, goal setting, applying for loans, planning for the future and saving for a rainy day.

But how do we know what we don’t know? Life just carries us along...

... And, not before long we are perhaps partnered, perhaps with children of our own, may be grandparents and we still have limited financial knowledge, some of us blundering our way through our finances, under prepared for life’s financial curve balls and let's not forget passing on this lack of knowledge to the next generation.

I am beyond thankful that I have had a career in banking, funds management and financial advice as it has enabled me to put to good use financial knowledge, experience and desire to coach others.

I have two passions; to instil basic financial knowledge in Children, and financial resilience in Women in a fun, caring interactive workshop setting.

Its critical to get the basics right at a young age this leads to a strong confident financial future.

I am often asked why do I focus on Women’s finances? Put simply, I find it heart and gut wrenching when I meet women who have spent their adult life bringing up their children, foregoing all or part of their career, for the family’s sake and should the family unit disintegrate many have very little financial knowledge and experience. They are stressed, confused and don't know where to start and feel vulnerable.

Despite women making up 50% of the population, only 20 percent of Financial Advisers are women. Often women have a different money personality to men and therefore behave and relate differently to money. They seek to receive their advice differently and wish to have time to ask questions and consider financial strategies. Many women for these reasons alone prefer to speak with a female financial adviser.

In my utopia, financial stewardship starts at home, continues in schooling until we first enter the work force. Then as adults we build on that base.

Wealthier You inspires financial knowledge in Children.

There are several workshops designed for different age groups. Course content is age specific and ranging from the basics of saving, sharing and spending and then for older students the fundamentals of superannuation, banking, cash-flow management and lending.

The Women’s Wealth Workshops are packed with information, there are opportunities to ask questions and guide the direction of the discussion as required, around the premise of each session. So lets continue along the path of adult education and inspire others who wish to do the same, seeking financial resilience and having their financial affairs organised. Because

I know what it is like to lose sleep worrying over money and honestly it doesn’t have to be that way…

Lets remove all the secrets about money and financial knowledge, and instead share and learn together.

So here’s to building financial resilience across generations with Wealthier You.

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