My particular strength is building marketing strategies designed to help businesses find their unique niche and reach the markets most likely to be interested in their product or service. It's my mission to demystify marketing by creating clear action plans that lead to truly integrated marketing solutions whether by way of one-on-one consultation to help establish the desired direction or by working with the business principal to manage the total campaign output to achieve the desired result.

Strategic Marketing Plan

The first half hour is free.

The Initial phone-consultation is about getting to know you and your business, having the opportunity to understand what you're trying to achieve and assess what actions can be undertaken.

After our first meeting I work out what I can offer and quote on that based on the number of hours I believe it will take to produce marketing recommendations.

Once you have accepted the recommendations, I start work on the action plan based on my quote. This plan will give you an overview of what needs to be done to achieve your objective.

You can then run with those recommendations or ask me to assist with some or all stages of the process. This can involve sourcing and briefing the right people to carry out stages of the plan (e.g. building a website, planning a content strategy, integrating SEO etc).

Previous clients have found this all very difficult and prefer to have someone working with them to make the process easier. And that's where I step in.

Every job is different and tailored to you and your outcomes, each hour is $125, however I will review and quote the entire job based on our discussion and your expectations


Katy’s Credentials

Bachelor of Arts
Master of Marketing

Past Clients include:
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation;
Mantra Hospitality Group
Anglicare SQ;
Mirvac Hotels
CUB and Fosters Group

I've worked in advertising agencies and on client-side and managed a diverse range of products - from brewing to automotive, tourism to sport. I have built new brands and successfully relaunched existing ones.
Marketing is now a rather complicated and segmented speciality. The key to success is having a strong initial action plan which integrates all the different channels to produce a seamless and compelling result. The aim is to ensure all the different inputs work together to build a coherent brand identity for the company and position it so it gains strong retail results.

This is my forte.

Initially I work with clients to help them to clearly identify the purpose of their business, it's history, strengths and weaknesses as well as the competitor field, and who is most likely to buy the product. I will develop a recommended action plan and can, depending on requirements, work with the client to bring this marketing strategy to life on an ongoing basis.

More about Katy

I started my career in marketing when it was a 'dark art', not even taught at University level. I learnt my craft on the job having the marvellous luck to work with innovative and professional people who had much to teach me.

I ran my own direct-to-client consultancy in Melbourne which boasted a roster of many blue chip clients, such as the Mirvac Hotel Group, Carlton & United Breweries and the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria. What really made this business great fun was I decided to employ women with kids, who like me, were trying to balance family/work life. It was a great decision. We were all refugees from 60 hour a week jobs and were determined to meet every challenge without working late into the night - which we succeeded in doing.

After a few years, I embarked on achieving a Master of Marketing at Monash University, which lead to my closing my consultancy to work full time in the advertising industry on both brand and retail accounts. This gave me the opportunity to be involved in the marketing of business start-ups and large established businesses, all with the goal of building their brand footprint and increasing their retail activity and sales.

About 11 years ago I came to Brisbane for a change of scene and since arriving I've held a series of fantastic client-side jobs including tourism, not for profit and sport. The experience of working on client-side as well as in the advertising industry has given me a unique ability to help clients identify business opportunities, devise strategies to meet their objectives, brief and manage the different resources needed to complete the project by utilising my network of various marketing specialists.

What others are saying about Katy

Katy is a brand leader. Her understanding of brands, how to build brands and how to capitalise on opportunities presented sets her apart from other marketers. Her innovative ideas and ability to present these to all levels of an organisation have ensure her success.

Ken Minnikin
Head of Marketing
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

It is an absolute joy to work with Katy. She is one of the most knowledgeable brand/campaign specialists I've ever met, with a true passion and drive to deliver great results. She has a rare skill of understanding advertising, campaigns, brand and consumers all equally well, which makes her a very powerful woman indeed.

Tracy Whitelaw
Head of Digital and Analytics
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Katy has many strong skills it is difficult to know where to begin. Her ability to strategise and get to the crux of issues in a marketing situation is a great skill. She is the most capable strategist I've worked with. Katy gets to the bottom of issues and then provides solutions to achieve fabulous results. Her skills can be applied across many industries as she is an extraordinary marketer with a canny ability to get amazing results.

Pip Close
Chief Executive Officer
Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ)

Katy is easily one of the best marketers I have had the pleasure to work with in numerous roles. She has an amazing way of motivating the team around her to 'get things done' with a drive to not only achieve targets but exceed them.

Heidi Monsour
Director of Marketing
Anglicare SQ

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