When (and how frequently) to run a workshop

When to run a workshop

When and how frequently to run a workshop v1

When are you available?

No matter how everything else goes, you need to consider when you will be available. Remember that you will need set up time and pack down time.

When would your target audience be available?

It's important to consider when your target audience might be available.

Examples include:

  • Full time employees - you'll need to go with times outside of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday
  • Full time mums of school aged children - something during school hours may suit best

Think of who you'll be expecting to attend. When are they likely to be unavailable?

If you are a special occasion, the day may not matter.

If you are a professional development opportunity, business hours might be fine.

Other things to consider

If you're crossing a meal time, you will need to provide food or let them know to bring some.

Check for other events in that area that may have an overlapping audience. Meetup and Eventbrite are two good resources to check.

Triple check that you're not scheduling on a public holiday.

If a large portion of your target attendees might be parents, check when school holidays are on. If a large portion of your target attendees might be students, check the academic calendars of the major universities near you to make sure you're not competing with exams or final assessments.

If in doubt

Trial two times during the week and review the response. Often people will let you know what suits them better if they're eager to attend.

Remember, you can always change if it doesn't work.

When and how frequently to run a workshopv2

How frequently to run a workshop

There are two ways to set your workshop:

  • Create separate once off events on specific dates

When and how frequently to run a workshopv3

  • Create recurring events (eg. every Thursday or the first Friday of every month) - these can be changed or put on hold

When and how frequently to run a workshopv4

If this is your first workshop, we recommend doing it as a once off or monthly. You'll have a better idea after the first one how frequently you'll want to run it. You'll also have a better idea of how much demand there is.

If you choose to repeat your workshop, we recommend starting with monthly or the lowest frequency you think you can get away with that will fill the workshop. You can always up the frequency if you reach capacity. If you run them too frequently, the empty spots may feel awkward to the attendees who do show up and you may have to cancel if not enough spots are taken.