What service or workshop can I offer?

A workshop to teach others some skills? A one-to-one consultation to coach someone through something? Freelance something you already know (eg. copywriting or design)?

Developing your Wiserr profile and defining your service should be a wonderful experience. Time to reflect on your achievements and the value you gave to your clients over the years.

Think through what you’re comfortable with, what you would love to teach, and what you think is needed in the world.

What do people come to you for help with? If you’re stuck, ask your friends and family what you’re best at.

Use this as an exercise to map out what you have done over the years and what you enjoyed doing. Allow it to help you to define your business goals and objectives.

  • When did you feel most confident and at your peak performance?
  • What did it entail? Big picture and the nitty gritty
  • What skills did it require?
  • What jobs did you perform?
  • What outcomes were achieved?
  • Who did you meet?
  • Can you re-connect with them again for a similar roll, service or engagement? Maybe they could connect you with their network?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What personal projects, interests, boards, advisory rolls, school support and foundations are you engaged with?
  • Where and how can you deliver these skills again?

To get set up on Wiserr, you’ll need to pick from a workshop (ideal for a specific time for multiple people to attend) or a service (tends to be one-on-one or delivering a job at any time).