What is Wiserr?

Wiserr is a website that gives over 40s a shopfront for their skills. Our community brings their wealth of experience to the wider public through services and workshops.

To support our community, we have a Facebook group where members can tap into their creativity and get feedback in a safe space.

We also provide a heap of resources to get people going, no matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey (or physically!) - some of our members have been going for years and others join us after decades in an established career.

Whether based out of your home, out of an office, or whether you want the flexibility of an online business so you can work while you country hop, we’ve built Wiserr to integrate into the life you have so you can build the life you want.

To the wider public, Wiserr is the place to go to engage the most experienced minds, the wisdom you can’t find elsewhere, and a collection of high quality independent service providers in one place.