What happens if there is overtime or I’m out of pocket for extra expenses?

It is easier to avoid this by preparing ahead of time. We suggest:

  • Doing a dry run with a friend first - this will help you “scope” the job. You’ll understand how long things actually take, where you might need handouts, a whiteboard, or a bathroom break.
  • If a workshop, list anything the attendees need to bring in the workshop description. If the workshop requires specific materials or tools, it’s best for you to supply them and work the costs into the workshop pricing.
  • If a service, you can list what will and won’t be included and add any extra costs to total service price accordingly. Message your service seeker ahead of time to ensure they understand and if they need you to provide supplies, agree on extras and change the price before the session.
  • For workshops, it is up to you to run on time. It is very difficult to negotiate additional charges for overtime.
  • For services, it is up to you to run on time. Any overtime can be negotiated with your customer, but if you expect that this may be the case, flag it before the session ends so that you can reach a good stopping point if they do not wish to pay extra.