Someone wants me to work outside, what should I do?

From time to time you may get requests to work directly from the site without going through the booking procedure.

Our advice is to kindly request for payment and communication through Your safety and security is paramount and operating through Wiserr means:

  • we can assist you with fraudulent transactions, disputes, or issues, should they arise
  • we can refund a payment where you are entitled to one
  • we have personal details accounts from both parties for safety
  • you can keep track of all your bookings in one place
  • you can attract new clients with an up-to-date profile, page and testimonials

By conducting business through the Wiserr platform, you’re transacting with someone who has submitted their personal details so you can rest assured that your safety is taken care of. The Wiserr platform also protects the privacy of all parties by providing a secure payment system through which monies are held until a job is completed and our customers are happy. We’ve set up the platform to make running your business easy with reminders, info and a feedback system to help you build your profile and increase your ratings for more future bookings.

Here are some helpful words you might like to consider using when someone asks you to do a job without booking on

Thank you for the offer. By booking through and rate my service after it’s complete, you would be helping me build my business and profile ranking.

I’d prefer you booked the job on my page at for my own peace of mind, thank you.

Could you please book the job via my page on so it syncs with my calendar? It’ll also allow me to confirm the booking and secure a place for you.

It would be much easier if you booked the service though I look forward to working with you!