How do I link my Wiserr profile page to my Facebook Business page?

Cast your net wide – share your Wiserr page across all your social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) to maximize your customer potential. A lot of people use Facebook to connect with businesses and it’s a great opportunity to direct that traffic to your Wiserr page through a call to action button such as Book Now!.

If you don’t already have a Facebook Business page you will need to set one up here. Having a Facebook business page is different to your personal or group pages. Only business pages have a call-to-action button such as Book Now, Buy Now, Sign Up and the page behaves differently allowing you to manage it like a business.

It’s important to use trusted online platforms (websites/apps) and build your brand through many customer touch points. It creates trust.

Adding a button to your Facebook page and linking to Wiserr

In Facebook, click below your page’s cover photo.

Wiserr Facebook Business Creation Add Button

This will open a new menu with a number of options. These options are what you want your button to say.

Select ‘Book with you’ (the top option) and select ‘Book Now’ from the options that open up below.

Wiserr Facebook Business Creation Select Button Type

Copy and paste your Wiserr profile URL into the prompted box (read our instructions below for help).

Wiserr Facebook Business Creation Your Profile URL

To copy and paste your website URL:

  • Open another tab and go to your Wiserr profile page.
  • Highlight the URL at the top of the window. It will look like this: https//
  • Right-click the highlighted text and select ‘copy’ from the menu.

Wiserr Facebook Business Creation Paste URL

Cross check the following

  • Your Button Book Now
  • Configured

Wiserr Facebook Business Creation Confirm Details

Now you should have an active call-to-action ‘Book Now’ button linked to your Wiserr page.

While you’re there you’ll notice a red arrow pointing to a search option, this is where you can invite your friends and family when you’re ready to promote your page.

Wiserr Facebook Business Creation Finished

Often, it helps to watch someone else do it. We found this Youtube video useful – maybe you will too.