How do I find customers?

Once you’ve got a listing up, it’s time to shout from the roof tops, get on the blower, and put up a notice. We provide resources to help our Wiserr community post their listings to their favourite social sites and put together an email to send to their friends. And because their profile is listed on Wiserr, they’re searchable to anyone who has come to the platform.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Tell everyone in your immediate circle of friends and family. Ask them to share your Wiserr profile on their Facebook page and circulate through their networks.

You can help them by sending an email with a copy of your link eg:

Reconnect with past clients. Let them know you’re in business and have a “shop front” on Wiserr.

Create a Facebook business page with a “book now” button connected to your Wiserr profile. This is a cost and business effective way to build your personal and business brand.

Learn how to connect your Facebook business page to Wiserr here so it’s easy for customers to view your services, book a date and purchase online.

Create content! This can be written and video. Write about what you know, people want to know you’re the expert. Create a blog, upload videos to your Facebook business page, Build a following through your own YouTube channel. Whatever you do will take time so start now.

Content Ideas:

  • Topical Tips
  • How to...
  • 5 ways to...
  • In your experience
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Problems you’ve solved
  • Customer pain-points and how you can help overcome them

Post it on Linked in and your Facebook business page. Engage, engage, engage!

Join Facebook groups. Look for groups who would use your services directly and indirectly. Engage with the community to build trust by offering your valuable advice through answering questions and providing “genius tips”. You’ll find people respond to those who are generous with their knowledge and don’t over self-promote. Think of it as the 80/20 rule. You’re building your personal brand through the “know, trust and like” factor.

Stay up to date with current market trends.

Keep tabs on successful people who are working in your field and who you admire. What are they doing for their customers and saying in their marketing?

Joint ventures! Is there a local business in your area or another expert online you could align with and mutually benefit from? This is a wonderful way to cross promote and capitalise using their existing customer database and for you to bring a valuable addition to their business.