Choosing the number of places per workshop

When thinking about the number of places in your workshop, there are a few things to consider.

Choosing the number of places per workshop

Remember: this is optional

You don't have to cap the number of places.

If you don't cap and way too many people register, you can always attempt to split it into two workshops at separate times or adapt your workshop to match the numbers.

We recommend capping if you think demand will be high and:

  • you have limited workshop materials; or
  • the space you intend to book your workshop cannot be easily changed; or
  • your content is suited to a specific number of people.

A small workshop is fine but creating a limit can set an expectation. If you have a 20 person limit, people will be surprised if they show up to a 3-person workshop.

If you don't expect demand to be higher than your true limit OR you have the ability to adapt the workshop to higher numbers if need be, we recommend you leave the workshop attendance uncapped.

What materials do you need?

If you are providing materials, do remember to factor this in.

You will need to provide enough per person and some spares if something goes wrong.

You will also need to be able to transport these materials to the venue.

You will also need to wear this cost until the workshop is complete.

What is the content of the workshop like?

If it's more of a stand and deliver then perhaps you are only limited by the venue size.

If it's hands on activities that require individual attention throughout the workshop, then remember that attendees vary from wanting to do it entirely on their own to asking questions every single opportunity. Allow time to ensure that everyone feels taken care of, if that's the kind of workshop you want to run.

What is the venue like?

Whether it's your home studio or a town hall, there are a few considerations.

For example, some rooms can be made to feel cosy for 5-25 people, depending on how you arrange the furniture.

A 200 seat lecture theatre will feel very awkward if only 20 register. It will also be awkward if 300 register.

Some venues have multiple rooms and may let you switch if they are not already booked.