Get ready to introduce yourself


We're guessing that you're here because, as with many of us, writing about yourself seems like an absolute mountain!

By the end of this process, you'll have a piece of work, written by you (yes, even you) that can be used for your Wiserr profile as well as any of your other social media bios.

Introducing yourself is a 5 day process. Even though the sessions are 30 minutes, we recommend following the 5 day format because any creative process that require self-reflection needs some space in between the work for things to pop up.

We recommend:

  • Committing to the same 30min block each day
  • Locking yourself in with external accountability - get a friend doing it at the same time, promise someone that you'll have a bio done in 5 days time, post in the Facebook group so that strangers can hold you accountable
  • Treat yourself! This is a journey that you will be glad to have gone on. Make the process a nice ritual - couple it with a fresh coffee or tea, put on that album you love, or walk to the park and do it under the sky.
  • Start today! The best outcomes happen when you start straight away and get it done. Don't let this be one of the items that sits on your to do list staring at you because you've ignored it for another year.

We are constantly improving this process so please let us know how you go!

Let's get started Introducing Yourself Part 1