Share Your Wisdom and Love What You Do!

Hi and thank you for taking the time to learn more about Wiserr, we are here to help!

We are looking for people 50 and over, rich with skills and life experience to join our network and help others with tasks, services and mentoring for profit.

We are keen to speak with you and help create your Wiserr profile. We match you with companies and individuals wanting to tap into your talent and wisdom.

Please write a short description about something you’re interested in and willing to share for profit, whether it be skills, talent, a service, professional advice and mentoring or life experience that you’d like to pass on.

Any skill, any industry, from content writing and business mentoring, ironing and home care, maintenance and building experts, to public speaking workshops and accounting advice, whatever your unique skill and interest maybe, we’re interested in your skills!

Get matched with opportunities that are rewarding, liberating and pursue opportunities that fits in with your current needs.

Someone will be in touch by phone or email, depending on what you’d prefer.

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