I help people realise their story and teach them the skills to create an authentic brand through workshops and design guides. I also specialise in producing content for TV and social media for individuals, communities, and businesses

Branding through Storytelling Workshop

1. Introduction

1 hour

Branding is the WHY Marketing is the HOW.

Drawing on research, we will explore the analytics on customer trends towards personally branded businesses. Using case examples, as a participant you will learn about first hand techniques and tools that successful business have used to promote their brand.

2. Your Brand - Life Storyboard

1 hour

Branding - what’s your story?
Marketing - how’re you going to sell it?

The life story board provides participants the opportunity to reflect on their life choices that have brought them to the workshop. The life story board activity will help you to identify your strengths and fortifying your decision to start a small business. and help you to connect your story with your brand and products.

3. The Marketing

2 hours

People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.

Using real examples, you will be shown the methods, resources and techniques that will assist with strengthening your brand and a develop a marketing plan. As a participant of this workshop you will define your product, your message and your market, and get a better understanding of marketing tools such as social media, broadcast media, print, and digital design.


  • WhatBranding through Storytelling Workshop
  • Cost$185.00 per workshop
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration4 hours
  • PlacesLimited to 10
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Storytelling for marketing

My signature offering is Story telling for marketing. I will help you build a powerful story for your brand, product or service and turn it into a narrative with integrity for existing and new audiences. This will build brand awareness and create product loyalty.

You will get
A 2 page narrative around your brand
Clarity around your brand that commands confidence and trust
A market brief which includes a review of your brand and social marketing recommendations
A day-by-day weekly social media template with the first week planned out


  • WhatStorytelling for marketing
  • Cost$82.50 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration1 hour
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More about EJ

I’ve worked in several industries throughout my life, but producing great stories is closest to my heart. To talk to different people and get a sense of their world and share their story is of utmost importance to me.

I love finding the greatness in people and their lives and presenting it in a way that challenges and inspires others.

My love of creating stories has segued into producing, presenting, writing, and marketing and advertising. I have always found it necessary to find the truth and portray a story in the most meaningful way. It was for this reason that I started a production company, and now own and operate EJ Garrett Productions with the same goal.

My first television presenting position came almost by luck. A friend was producing a series called The Murri Minute, and asked me to join him on a trip that involved producing positive human interest stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities about their culture and experiences. I jumped at the chance and loved every moment of travelling around the state, meeting new people, and portraying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in a positive way. These documentary style segments cemented my already strong passion for connection to my culture and heritage.

Long before I started in film and production, I worked in various labour jobs and management jobs.

One of my fondest memories is working with my uncle out in the bush when I was 15. He wasn’t a man of many words, and I wasn’t one to carry the conversation at that time, but it was a precious time. He didn’t need many words to communicate. We had a mutual respect and we enjoyed working together. It was then that I learnt how to work hard, how to respect those around you, and how to be a man. In my mind, no other workplace culture could compare.

When I worked at Stanwell Corporation later on, my boss Ted Scott, had the philosophy of “humanity in the workplace”. He nurtured his employees and provided such a positive workplace vibe and culture.

He strengthened my belief in myself and that once we have a better understanding of ourselves, we can then have a deeper understanding and connection with others. My experience with my uncle, and my time at Stanwell has instilled great values within me.

I believe that as a individual, small business owner or manager you must believe in yourself and you have to provide the right culture and support for the people you work with.

With this mentality, I went on to run accredited training programs, partnering with RTOs, and managing community support programs.

I love seeing people aim higher and achieve success in their work and life.

It is for this reason, that I love creating documentaries for people that truly capture their essence. I teach others my skill, so they can tell their story and brand themselves properly. Today’s world is all about Brand You, and I help people create their brand with authenticity, a value that is timeless. My love of storytelling and passing on wisdom will always remain.

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