I work with small businesses to help them achieve business goals and fix issues within the business in creative ways. I like to look at the business from the balcony instead of the trenches, and I encourage business owners to take a step back and do the same.


Would you like to be more creative in your business and life? What changes would make a difference to you? Could your business benefit from you taking some creative time out. Come on
an adventure, take precious time to open your heart, mind and imagination. In this workshop Cathryn will guide you on a spirited and heart-felt inquiry to:

  • Gain new perspectives and explore what’s possible
  • Creatively and courageously connect to your life’s purpose
  • Make space for new creative habits
  • Identify changes you would like to make
  • Find focus, clarity, meaning for your creative life, projects and work
  • Be inspired to take action

From this workshop you will benefit from the range of experiences Cathryn brings as a qualified facilitator, coach, arts practitioner and educator. Cathryn uses a friendly non confronting creative coaching format. You will join with other participants from a variety of backgrounds who want to incorporate their hearts and heads in their business and everyday environments and to live a more meaningful creative life.

Cathryn is available to come to your business and work with you and your team.


  • WhatWorkshop
  • Cost$295.00 per workshop
  • WhenFridays
  • Time9:00am — 6:00pm
  • PlacesLimited to 8
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Cathryn’s Credentials

Dr Cathryn Lloyd is a facilitator, coach, and educator. She is the Founder/Director of Maverick Minds, a creative professional development consultancy that designs powerful and flexible learning experiences designed to shift your thinking, gain new perspectives and create positive change.

Cathryn has extensive experience across the creative industries, arts, business, management, and education. With a design background Cathryn brings a multi-disciplinary learning and engagement approach to her work with clients. She draws on a range of experiential, arts-based and action learning methodologies to create purposeful learning environments.

Cathryn’s clients include corporate, public, not for profit/social enterprises, arts organisations and individuals. Maverick Minds clients range across different industry sectors including environmental health and safety, engineering, corrections, ambulance, education, accounting, human resources, community services and entrepreneurial starts ups delivering professional development and bespoke workshops designed to help clients reach their optimum potential.

Cathryn holds a research Doctorate in Creative Industries and is Australia’s first certified creativity coach with the Creativity Coaching Association.

Cathryn offers a range of face to face workshops, programs and coaching.

More about Cathryn

I love working with individuals, teams, creative practitioners, small business owners and organisations to help people focus on what’s important and gain insight and clarity. There are times when we need to get a different perspective on what we are doing and how we are doing it. We are faced with so many distractions it’s essential to take time to reflect on our personal and professional direction.

I enjoy building relationships with people and being part of someone’s life journey.

Coaching is all about collaboration and co-creation. I work with my client's knowledge and wisdom, and together, we explore ways to achieve the results that keep people and their businesses flourishing.

Leaders and business owners have competing priorities. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a situation. Coaching for creativity allows imagination, thoughts and ideas to circulate and emerge, and ultimately provide insight and direction.

Part of my work is to move people away a state of threat and stress and provide space for people to re-energise and rediscover their original dream and purpose for their business.

I love being able to provide a service that gets people thinking about why they started their business in the first place, why it is important to them and if it still is.

I encourage people to get on the "balcony" and explore their business from a range of angles. It’s good to get out of the detail and look at the big picture and get clear with why they are motivated to do what they are doing.

There is no doubt that work impacts on our whole life. For most of us work features a lot in our lives and is a big investment of time, energy and money. As well as the joy of work and running a business it can also take a toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. It’s important to recognise the need for a healthy work environment – to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and the people around us. Given the investment many of us currently make in relation to work, it’s worth taking time to reflect, take that step back and rediscover, or perhaps redefine, that source of joy.

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