I work across career coaching and publishing, focusing on assisting others with personal and professional development through an enterprising attitude and actions.


I support, educate and inspire people in two areas: career change and publishing.

I offer one-on-one and group career coaching services for people who want to change their career direction or find a new role because of redundancy.

In the publishing world I help business owners and professionals who want to self-publish a non-fiction book to raise their profile in their industry and attract more opportunities. I offer coaching sessions and workshops to assist them to plan and begin writing their non-fiction book, and I also provide editing and design services once their book is written.

I also publish a digital magazine called ‘Honestly Woman’ for mature women seeking inspiration as they reinvent their career or life by starting a new venture or making major change.


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Publishing Workshops

Self-publishing your own quality non-fiction book is quite achievable – and it’s a powerful way for you to position yourself as a voice and a leader in your field. It is also a proven catalyst for enormous personal and professional growth.

The trend of business owner as author continues to grow, and there are no longer any gatekeepers. These workshops are an introduction to the publishing process, and is designed to give you the confidence and information you need to get your important book underway.

This workshop is for you if you are a coach, adviser, consultant, or business owner who is ready to learn more about self-publishing to:

  • Raise your profile, authority and exposure
  • Attract the right clients and professional contacts
  • Increase opportunities and attract alliances
  • Leave a legacy and a footprint

Do you have a group interested? Please enquire so we can discuss a location and time to suit you.
Cost per person per workshop is $147


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  • TimeBy appointment
  • Duration2 hours
  • PlacesLimited to 10
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More about Bev

I believe we can all find opportunity and flow where two passions intersect. When I discovered for myself the powerful intersection of personal development and publishing,

It made sense for me to help others develop their careers through publishing, whether that be through better resumés, more professional profiles, their own personally branded websites, and even their own non-fiction books.

An author I really admire, Barbara Sher, said that there are two types of people – divers and scanners. Divers find that one thing they love, study it, get a job in that field, and then happily work forever doing that thing, and learning more as they go. Scanners, on the other hand, love learning new things, and once they have mastered that task, yearn to find another thing to learn and develop a skill in. I am a scanner. I love accomplishing something and seeing my hard work pay off, and am excited to get on with a next task.

Like many girls in the 70s, I graduated as a teacher and taught English and Social Sciences in various high schools in Queensland, but when the opportunity came, I travelled for two years with my backpack and friends I made along the way. I then settled back in Australia and in the 80s and early 90s my children were born.

Teaching high school is a very worthy career, but as my children grew I knew I wanted a change. I wanted to see what else I could do. After reading the book ‘I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was’ by Barbara Sher,

I eventually had a light bulb moment when I realised that if I published my own magazine, I could delve into my passions and have that sense of continued learning and achievement with every new issue containing new and interesting content.

My first print magazine (1997-2000) was ‘Work from Home’ for people like me who wanted to build a home-based business. My second print magazine was ‘Honestly Woman’ (2006-2009) for mature women who were tired of fashion, diets and celebrity in mainstream magazines.

I have recently re-launched ‘Honestly Woman’ in digital format and I get to write and gather content that inspires people. The magazine is aimed at women aged 50-plus who want more out of life and who are often experiencing change of some sort and are wanting to start new things.

Many have the desire and competence, but lack the clarity and confidence to step up and get what they want. My magazine is about helping these women find their next step, because they have so much value and so much to give this world.

My teaching background has shaped my current career. I would describe myself as a very practical person, and my style of career coaching is very much like teaching. I explain things well, and I not only help people develop professionally, I also teach them how to market themselves well.

Publishing is much the same. Someone will come to me with some ideas for the book they would like to write, and it’s very rewarding to take them through the beginning stages of finding their key messages, then writing the content, and eventually editing and designing their book.

Whether as a teacher, career coach or publishing consultant, inspiring and encouraging people to be their best is something I’ve always loved. And I still enjoy learning and developing myself through meeting new people and learning their stories.

Helping people find the strength and courage to get their work out there with practical advice, coaching, publishing and marketing delights me. I see value in making that small difference in people’s lives. If everyone made a small difference, the world could change dramatically.

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