I love ideas and working with people to flesh out their business goals. Supporting someone to move their vision from a few sentences, post-it notes or an old-style business document into a plan with steps to make it happen keeps me happy.

Advice on taking your business idea to the world

Do you have an idea or a business in place which needs some help to get to the next level of success? I can help identify and plan ways for you to action what needs to be done to progress your idea or business across:

  • Startup business (early stage ideas)
  • Community building
  • Creating a minimum viable product “MVP”
  • Innovative questioning
  • Project management
  • Testing ideas and product validation


  • WhatAdvice on taking your business idea to the world
  • Cost$220.00 per hour
  • TimeBy appointment
  • PlacesLimited to 2
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More about Anne-Marie

Taking ideas, goals and visions out of your head, testing them and potentially turning them into a viable business is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. I’m keen to join the fun and help you enjoy this journey.

I’m an evolving entrepreneur, a continually learning creative problem-solver and I am Founder and CEO at Wantu. At Wantu we help parents and carers solve the problem of how to get quality fun time with kids by using technology for quick fun together, off-screen!

With a strong background in business & human resources, in addition to running Wantu, I currently work as Operations Manager at Fire Station 101, a leading Innovation Hub based in Ipswich, Queensland.

I’m best suited to help people at the early stage of their business by using my experience around developing and clarifying ideas, capitalising on free software tools, creating low-cost MVP’s and investigating business structure models.

Following a diverse working background, I’ve been embedded in the Startup scene since early 2016. So, I bring 2-years exposure in this emerging innovation sector along with 35 years of traditional work experience.

Melding the old ways of project and people management, with the latest lean business methods has been a wonderful experience of how to take an idea and turn it into a wanted product in the global market.

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